Surgical Procedures

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CHD Introduces Professional Expertise

  • Dr. Edwin Dillon, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr Dillon is an experienced associate at the Knee Clinic and member of the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine.  Procedures performed at this specialized clinic include total and uni-compartmental knee replacements, ligament surgery, valgus and varus knee alignments and non-surgical treatment of degenerative arthritis of the knee.  The Team is supported by Radiologists, Rheumatologists, Physiotherapists and a Physician.

  • Cosmetic Dermatology Centre, Cape Town

Two internationally qualified Dermatologists, Dr Izolda Heydenrych & Dr. Ean Smit head up this multi-disciplinary team. This Centre of Excellence treatments include IPL(Intense pulsed Light), Fractional Resurfacing, Botox and Fillers and specialized dermatological procedures include Mole-Mapping and Patch Testing.

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Medical Treatment

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Our Approach


These Programs focus on Chemical, Preventative and Alternative Medicine. Diseases which require lifestyle changes call for an integrated holistic wellness approach in personalized health care treatment and management.

  1. We assist and coach the patient to design the most appropriate solution within the individual context of personal life circumstances.
  2. To restore vitality, alternative approaches include: kinesiology, homeopathy, sunlight, sound, aromas and touch as base for a holistic care management

These disciplines are all performed by internationally accredited practitioners

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CHD Dental Services

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Multidisciplinary Team ApproachDent links

We consult and liaise with the referring practitioner to offer you and extended and affordable range in dental treatment. Specialized Teams collaborate on patient case management to optimize functional and esthetic outcome.

Illustration: The Dental Implantology Team

News Update:
Whole Mouth Health – It may be the secret to whole body health. Research now links periodontal disease and chronic health conditions such as Cardio Vascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes or Gastrointestinal Disease.

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CHD Sport Science

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We introduce SUSPI

The Stellenbosch University Sports Performance Institute specializes in the areas of injury rehabilitation and recovery and performance optimization. This multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence is fully equipped for disability management and acts as the seat for the SA Paralympics Team.

SUSPI nestles at the foot of the beautiful Stellenbosch Mountain and this idyllic environment enhances healing and well being. Health conscious individuals choose this as a base to fully train or recover here.

Apart from the high performance gymnasium and sport science laboratory,  facilities include the indoor swimming pool, 2 hockey astros and indoor tennis courts, all supported by game analysis facilities.


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Executive Fitness

Stop - Step Out - Step Up

  • Full medical screening
  • Gene mapping for disease prevention
  • Personal Wellness Plan to enhance Vitality
  • Reflective Leadership Practice in the Environment of your choice
  • Personal Mentorship in the re-balance Process
  • Online support to sustain your personal growth strategy
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